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Mrs. Beth Berry
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What's up the rest of the week?

Tuesday    We will receive our Mother's Day Fashion Show DVD and send home. We also will receive our school yearbook and will learn to sign them for our friends. Please bring in a handled bag (i.e. Trader Joe's) on Wednesday. We will begin loading it up with your child's Kindergarten work, memories, etc. They will all come home on Thursday.
Wednesday     2nd Grade Jump Rope Show 8:45, Yearbook signing, Map reading, map legends, compass rose, etc. Packing up our learning materials for summer.
Thursday     Last Day of School-minimum day, report cards come home
Memory Books will be distributed and looked at together!
Thank you to our Memory Book Team, Mrs. Mazaheri and Mrs. Down.
They have truly put their heart into creating a book for you to treasure.
Speaking of treasure, we will have a treasure hunt- by reading a map! 
Starting at about 11:15, we will be singing and dancing to some of the songs we have learned over the last year. Feel free to come to class a bit early and enjoy our excitement, vocal stylizing and our enthusiastic dancing!! 
Dismissal is at 11:45
What a tremendous year I have had with your children!
Thank you for all you have contributed to our classroom and their personnel growth.  
Enjoy your summer!

Another busy week!

We are celebrating the End of the Year with our families on Friday, June 2nd! Please see invite and send RSVP on Tuesday!
Monday No School
Tuesday Year of Pacific Island Day- activity 10:25-11:15 and join us for a picnic at 12:10-12:30 (Non siblings- K yard, Siblings must be checked out before heading down with parent to big playground). School Wide activities begin at 12:45-1:15 on the big yard.
Wednesday Turn in donation forms for Jump for Heart, literacy rotations Thursday PE- JUMP FOR HEART, literacy rotations- LAST ONE!
Friday End of the Year Party, 4th grade Reading Buddies

We harvested some of our garden vegetables today and made a delicious salad! All children participated on one of our cooperative teams. We had the harvesting team, who cut and picked the vegetables, We had the chefs who washed, spun dry the lettuce and cut it up. And then the last team continued the preparation of the salad, mixed in the dressing and then helped to serve the salad to their friends.
Our salad was well received! Ask your child about it!


Dad's Day is coming up NEXT...May 26th!
Monday:     Please send in your Mother's Day DVD orders today- Last chance!  Early Dismissal 1:10
Tuesday:   PE- you may want to send in extra shoes and socks and a water bottle
Wednesday:    Parent Appreciation Brunch- please come! Dad's Day Practice
Friday:   Minimum Day 11:50 pick up at the classroom - if your child is not picked up by 12:00, please find them on the bench in front of the office.  The entire school will be dismissing at the same time.  DAD'S DAY BREAKFAST 8:00-8:30  on K yard for those who only have Kindergartners AND PROGRAM 8:45-9:30!  Please see invitation for directions on where to have breakfast.
Happy Memorial Day!
No school on Monday!

Writers' Workshop Reception

You are invited! Thursday, May 18th, 1:05 in Room 1. Come and listen to the stories your children have written, fancied up and published!

This Week:

Week of 5/15-5/19
Monday: Spirit Day: Please wear red Cornerstone t-shirts; Early Dismissal @ 1:10  Round Up for incoming K students 2:00-3:00
Tuesday: PE; Round up for incoming K students during PE. Mrs. Marcus to take our class to big yard to introduce students to rules, etc. 
Wednesday: WW
Thursday: PE; Writer's Workshop Celebration: 1:05 Feel free to join us at our Writers' Reception. Each child will share their writing!
Friday: HW and Lunch Orders due; 

Snail Circus

Snails can pull a basket, crawl upside down, crawl over rough surfaces, ride in a car and a boat! They can even crawl through a tunnel and across a tightrope. They are amazing creatures. Mollusks, related to squid, octopus, and slugs!

Chick update

The last two fertile eggs hatched last night. So we now have a total of 10 chicks.
They are so darn cute!
Also, homework is posted!

Teacher appreciation week

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful and thoughtful gifts!
I am truly blessed to not only have such terrific children to teach each day, but to work with each of you also! You are too kind! Thank you to all of you and especially to Yuri Chang who delivered your class gifts each day. I have so appreciated all of the snacks, drinks, and yummy lunches that you have spoiled me with! 
Beth Berry

Classroom Groupings

We are so lucky to have teaching parents in our classroom because it enables me to teach using small groups and meet your children’s needs better. I would like to explain a bit about the different types of grouping that happens in our classroom. We have both heterogeneous groups and homogeneous groups. Our groupings are flexible, in other words, they are not permanent and change according to my student’s needs and progress.

Heterogeneous groups are groups that include students with a wide variety of instructional levels. Heterogeneous groups stem from the education precept that a positive interdependence can arise from students with varied learning levels working together and helping each other to reach an instructional goal.

Homogeneous groups are groups organized so that students of similar instructional levels are placed together, working on materials suited to their particular level, as determined through assessments.

Flexible grouping occurs when there is a whole group assessment or instruction initially; and then the students are divided by their need either for review, re-teaching, practice, or enrichment. Such grouping could be a single lesson or objective, a set of skills, or a major concept. Flexible grouping creates temporary groups for an hour, a day, a week, or a month or so. It does not create permanent groups. One of the ways I use flexible grouping in my room is if I have five or six students who continue to have trouble with rhyming. I may pull them to work with me on this skill only.

Examples of heterogeneous grouping in our classroom are the color groups. These groups are made up of children of differing abilities and developmental levels. This creates a supportive environment, where children have role models in each group. This is positive for both the children that are more advanced and the children that learn from their peers.

Examples of homogeneous grouping in our classroom are the literacy groups. These groups were determined by one-on-one assessments made in the classroom. These groups have animal names. You can see which groups your children are in by the posted lists.
Thank you for your dedication to Cornerstone and your child’s education! 

Beth Berry