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Puppet Show and Dad's Day Fun

Don't forget our puppet show this Wednesday at 9 a.m in the MPR.
Please have your child wear all black/dark clothing. Please avoid shirts with emblems, logos, or other decorations. If you do not have plain dark clothes we can turn a shirt inside out to eliminate the graphics. No skirts or dresses please.
I hope you can make the show! It's going to be great.
Dad's Day Invitations will go home this week but just a reminder dads will meet in the classroom after the breakfast treats to enjoy time with your child from 8:30 - 8:45 on Friday, May 25th. 

Welcome to First Grade in rm. 10!

I am happy to welcome you to first grade!
School starts at 8:30. Please be sure your child is on time and ready to meet us in line on the playground. If you are not on the playground at 8:30 at the bell, your child will be marked tardy.
Dismissal is at 2:35. Please meet your child at the curb, in first grade you do NOT pick them up at the classroom, we walk them up. 
Please send me an email to let me know if your child goes to sibling watch, the curb/carpool, or to Kid's Corner. If you do not pick up your child, please let me know who will be picking them up. 
I take lunch count in the classroom for the next day. On Monday, I take the count for Tuesday, etc. We do not have a note that goes home. Please help you child to learn and know if they are buying lunch that day and the following day.
Homework and other info will be posted here regularly. 
Look below for homework link for first grade homework in posts below . 
Please be sure to click subscribe to receive updates as they are posted.
"Subscribe" is to the right of this note under my name on this page. 
Birthday, share schedules, and star student schedules are posted in the pages. 

Before and After school drop off and pick up

A quick reminder that students should drop off their backpacks and supplies and go to the playground in the morning before school.
At 8:30, students should line up on the playground with the class.
TP#1 shift is at curbside by the MPR in spot#2 until 8:30.
TP#2 starts at 8:30 helping students line up on the playground and walk to  the classroom after the bell.
No TP's are working in the classrooms before school. We teachers use this as team planning and personal planning time.  Students should only be in the hallways before school to drop off their backpacks before going down to the playground to play where they can be safely supervised.
First grade pick up and drop off happens at the front of the school.  Please use the convenient drop-off/pick up loop.  If you want to walk your child in, please walk them only as far as the front of the office and say goodbye there.
At pick up, you should wait for your child in your car or at the front of the school.  Please don't wait outside the classroom, as it is disruptive. We are trying to foster independence. Parents congregating in the hallways also makes it difficult for us to get the children to the front where they are to wait for carpool on the benches. Thanks so much for your guidance and cooperation.
If you would like to make an appointment, please email me and we will set up a time that works for both of us. I feel bad when I am unavailable to answers your questions or have a discussion before school. It's a busy time and some days I am free but some days not.
Thank you!