Homework will start the week of September 9 and will be discussed at our first inservice.
Homework will consist of spelling practice, math practice and a weekly oral sharing assignment.  We also expect your child to spend 20 minutes a night reading or being read to.  Spelling and math are due on Fridays.  See the Oral Language Sharing Schedule for your child's assigned sharing day. You can find extra practice in math and reading on various websites and apps.  Please do not ask me for any other extra homework.  I believe kids should have time to be kids.  Make sure your child plays outside, spends time with family and has fun!
Star Student Schedule
Click here to see what week your child will get a chance to share a poster and other items from home. 
Weekly Word Wall Words:
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Oral Language Sharing Schedule: (no sharing this week)
Oral Language Sharing Rubric
Word Sort Directions - Use with your weekly spelling words