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Welcome to First Grade!

All About Room 8
Click below for a slide slow presentation I will show the students during the first week of school to go over our classroom rules and procedures.  It's great to review at home ahead of time!  
You can also click below to see our First Grade Behavior Matrix.


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First Grade Pick Up/Drop Off

Dear Parents,

On the first day of school, you and your child are welcome to come to the classroom between 8:15-8:30 to see where they sit and drop off supplies. I will have a pencil box on your child's desk for them to keep their crayons and markers in. They will keep this on their desk. You should write their name on their Expo markers and Expo eraser. They will keep these in their chair pockets. You do not need to label any other supplies - they will be communal.  Then you can walk down to check out the big playground.  All classes, grades 1-5, will line up on the blacktop at 8:30 when the bell rings each morning, beginning on the first day of school (this is a change from previous years).

On all other days, students are allowed to play on the playground from 8:15-8:30 but they are not allowed inside the classroom until I walk them up from the blacktop. A warning bell will ring at 8:28 so that students can put away equipment and start heading to their lines.  At 8:30, kids will line up on the blacktop and I will meet them there (our line is at the bottom of the ramp). TP#1 has a shift outside until 8:30 and TP#2 starts at 8:30 so no TP's are working in the classrooms before school. This is precious planning time for me. Students should only be in the hallways before school to drop off their backpacks before going down to play. If you are a TP and see kids playing in the halls, please usher them to the playground, where they can be safely supervised.

First grade pick up and drop off should happen only at the front of the school. You can use the convenient drop-off/pick up loop. If you want to walk your child in, please walk them only as far as the front of the office and say your goodbyes there. At pick up, you should wait for your child in your car or at the front of the school. Please don't wait outside the classroom, as it is disruptive. We are trying to foster independence in first grade and I promise your child will do amazing!

See you on Wednesday!

Welcome to First Grade!

 Welcome to first grade! I look forward to meeting everyone on Wednesday. Please bring a healthy snack and your bright smile. If students want to bring one item to share from their summer, they can bring it in any time during the first two weeks of school. Please understand that we will have time for each child to share ONE item only. Weekly sharing assignments will begin on September 9. It will probably take several days to get through all the sharing but kids can take home their items after they have a chance to share. See you soon!

Mrs. Fay