Mrs. Winbauer's PE Class

Welcome Cornerstone students!
This is where you will find videos, chats, posts and live stream options to stay connected with ME and your PE class!
I look forward to navigating this with you and figuring out what works best for all. 
Especially now, exercise is key to staying mentally and physically healthy for yourself and your loved ones. I will have a variety of activities you can do solo or including your family. 
Please download and print the activity tracker or if that's not possible make one with paper at home. Please use this to log your activity minutes so we can be accountable together. 


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Physical Fitness Trail

If you can, print these activities to place around your home!
DO NOT print the first page to log the activity as I have sent one to you already. 
IDEAS: Place each card somewhere in your house such as; fridge, bathroom door, bedroom door, above or near the couch, kitchen table etc!
You are designing a trail that you can do for exercise! Any time you pass by that card do the activity OR if you want to complete a lap on the trail then go for it!
Have fun with this and send me photos or videos of you doing it!