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Kindergarten Dad's Day-Friday, May 25th

Hi all,
On to the next event...Dad's Day is on Friday! 
Please wear PATRIOTIC COLORS (red, white or blue) if you already own it.
Breakfast will start service in the MPR for siblings at 7:45 and Kindergarten will serve breakfast on the K yard at 7:45 as well.  Please enjoy your time with your Daddy.
At the 8:30 bell, classes will line up and go into the classrooms until 8:45.  Dads can head on over to the MPR to be seated for our SHOW!  Our show will begin around 8:50.  We have a wonderful program for you!
Happy Father's Day!

Homework Week of May 21-25

Math In Focus- Chapter 14 Lessons 1 and 2
Morning Work Projects: wrap Dad's Day gifts, writing
Monday   Dad's Day RSVP due; computer lab; PE-wear athletic shoes & bring water; early dismissal 1:10
Tuesday   Library-return your books (LAST DAY); Practice for Dad's Day
Sharing Topic- What was your favorite thing in Kindergarten?  Discuss why it was your favorite.  We will all share today and will be the ONLY time we will share this week.
Wednesday  PTA breakfast-TP's will be able to go from 8:45-10:00. Practice for Dad's Day
Thursday   Field Trip-Arrive between 8:00-8:15.  The bus will leave PROMPTLY at 8:20 am.  No need to bring your folders and backpacks.  Please wear your RED class shirt and bring a disposable lunch labeled with name.  TP's will wear their green apron.
Friday   DAD'S DAY- breakfast 7:45-8:30; Dad's Day Show-8:45-9:30 on lower yard and K yard; Minimum Day 8:30-12:00
Monday- No School
Happy Mother's Day!!!
What a wonderful day it was celebrating our Kindergarten Moms!
Thank You to all who made this day possible...
Hospitality Team: Nancy Chon, Lou Arabian, Monique White-Dominguez
Flowers: Jennifer Ng Munday
Slide Show: Ryan Voss (and Kim too)
Helper Dads: Mr. Schimmel, Mr. Voss, Mr. Munday
and thank you to Mrs. Strassner and Mrs. Lee (Collin and Sharon's mom) for the extra hands in the MPR 
Thank you to Greg Goodman for Video Taping our show!
MC: Mr. Hussain 
Thank You Room 6 Families!!! I feel so appreciated and loved!  Another thank you for THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY!!! What a treat- you're the BEST class ever...

What Every Teaching Parent Should Know About Phonemes, Phonemic Awareness, and Phonics!

Lets start with the smallest first. Phonemes.


Phonemes are the smallest units of sound that change the meanings of spoken words. For example, if you change the first phoneme in bat from /b/ to /p/, the word bat changes to pat. English has about 41-44 phonemes, (sounds), (as opposed to having only 26 letters.) A few words, such as a or oh, have only one phoneme. Most words have more than one phoneme. The word if has two phonemes /i/ and /f/. Do not confuse a phoneme with a letter: a phoneme represents one sound. For instance, the two letters ph make one phoneme, /f/.


By the way if a letter is surrounded by //’s like this, /b/, you should read the sound it makes, not the name of the letter. So the letter b makes the sound /b/.


So, what is phonemic awareness?


Phonemic awareness is the ability to notice, think about, and work with the individual sounds in spoken words. An example of how beginning readers show us they have phonemic awareness is combining or blending the separate sounds of a word to say the word ("/c/ /a/ /t/ - cat.")


Phonics is a form of instruction to cultivate the understanding and use of the alphabetic principle, that there is a predictable relationship between phonemes (the sounds in spoken language) and graphemes, (the letters that represent those sounds in written language) and that this information can be used to read or decode words.


We will be starting our Phonics work with MODERN CURRICULUM PRESS.  Each week we will be working with 3 new letters/sounds.  Please check work and review with your child if mistakes are made.

Dear Cornerstone Families,
One of the significant ways we are able to make a difference in the daily lives of our students is through the Cornerstone Booster Club and PTA.  Our Booster Club & PTA, through the generous donations of our families, helps fill the gap in local, state, and federal funding of our school. These funds directly benefit each student at Cornerstone. We are writing you because we need your help in reaching our membership goal. 
The PTA (in alignment with local, state, and national chapters) enhance the educational experiences of our students. Through programs like Reflections, Red Ribbon Week, & Yellow Ribbon Weeks.  Our PTA works to promote successful, healthy, well rounded students.
The Booster Club, as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, allows us to both raise and spend funds in unique ways that allow us to support the many diverse activities and needs of our school.  Through funds raised from our Membership Drive,and other fundraising activities, we are able to supplement learning activities and classroom needs.  All total, Booster Club is budgeting to spend on average of $450 per student. 
Here are just a sampling of the programs that Booster Club funds support:
Art at your Fingertips, Art Trek, 4th Grade Archeological Dig, Assemblies, Characters Come Alive, Field Trips, Year of Cultural Studies, Scholarships, Performing Arts, Battle of the Books, Year Book, Garden Program, Playground Equipment, Site Maintenance & Beautification, Media Subscriptions,  Parent Education Workshops, Science Night, Science Olympiad, Science Lab Supplies, Disaster Preparedness Supplies, Halloween Week Program, Talent Show, Winter Music Program, Family BBQ, Student Council, Technology in Classrooms, Software Licensing (IXL, Reflex Match, etc), Kiln Expenses & Supplies, Instructional Supplies, Classroom Support Items, Character Program, Junior Great Books, and more!!!
As of today a total of 55% of families have joined the Booster Club!  We are reaching out to ask if you would please consider making a donation to help support our school, our students, your child(ren).  All donations are tax deductible. Please help us reach our goal of 75% of families joining the Booster Club.  Upon reaching our goal, ALL students will enjoy a shave ice!   If you have already made a donation - thank you so much for your generous support!  

Forms may be found in the Parent Board Room and on What's Happening.Thank you for your continued support of our amazing school!

Mariko Hama
Bernadette Franco
Gail Dardashti
Gabi Ryan