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Participation Philosophy and Informational Packet

“How do I become a Cornerstone Cougar?”
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The Cornerstone at Pedregal School academic program was founded on the premise of parent/guardian/family participation. The sustained success of Cornerstone has been greatly enhanced by this premise and therefore, participation of all parent/guardian/families is extremely important to maintain the ideals and standard of Cornerstone.
The parent/guardian/families participation at Cornerstone consists of:
1) teaching parent (tp) shifts in the classroom, and, depending upon the needs of each individual classroom, fulfilling electives that directly enhance the curriculum
2) service hours to enhance the learning environment and support the numerous events and activities that encompass the school
3) attendance at General Parent Meetings to stay informed and have a voice in all issues affecting the school
4) teaching parent workshops for successful collaboration with the teachers in support of an optimal learning environment in the classroom It is important that families who choose Cornerstone participate in this model.
It is this commitment that makes Cornerstone unique among other District schools and is critical for maintaining the success of Cornerstone.
Service Hours
It is encouraged that parent/guardian/families contribute fifteen (15) hours of service per school year. Service hours are flexible and parent/guardian/families can tailor their time to accommodate their personal schedules and talents. Half of the hours (7.5) should be completed by December 15t hand the other half by June 1st.
More detailed information about our program is available in the packet available here (see link to packet/PDF)