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Goals for the Child & Parent

Goals for the Child
  • A feeling of self-worth and understanding
  • The ability to accept reasonable limits
  • Trust and confidence in adults
  • Openness to creative expression
  • Getting along with other children
  • Awareness of the world around him/her
  • Inquiry into new learning experiences
  • Qualitative development of body movement
  • Increase of intellectual awareness and curiosity
  • An understanding of the feelings of others
  • Responsibility in the use and care of materials
  • Spontaneity
Goals for the Parent
  • Sensitivity to and appreciation for the uniqueness of each child
  • Cooperation in working with administration, teachers and other parents
  • Sharing of talents and resources
  • Understanding child development: social, emotional, physical, and intellectual
  • Handling discipline in a constructive way that promotes self-discipline
  • Being comfortable and confident while working with children at school