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Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Welcome to Cornerstone at Pedregal!


Since 1993, our parents and staff have worked in partnerships to create a dynamic and responsive environment. Our dedicated parents help support the art, drama, music, and other parent-led activities to compliment District programs. Each parent is a partner with the school system in providing a quality education to his/her child. Parent, student, and community input into every aspect of what we do as a school system is absolutely essential to everyone's success. It brings me pride to be the principal at a strong parent participation school where families, community, and staff partner to provide a stellar school experience for our students.


Cornerstone teachers are dedicated, innovative and are committed to developing the whole student both emotionally and academically. Each teacher has a unique talent and takes pride in their educational pedagogy and their constant refining teaching practices. Each teacher has innovative practices in keeping the students engaged and learning.


At Cornerstone we prepare each child academically, socially, and emotionally, for successful living. We will do this through an engaging and challenging curriculum that equips students to be responsible life-long learners. We accept the responsibility for providing a safe environment in which students are contributing and confident members, able to serve their communities now and in the future.


Our academic excellence is nationally ranked and our innovative participation model is nationally recognized: A California Distinguished School in 2004 and 2010, California Gold Ribbon School in 2016. In addition, Cornerstone was honored with the 21st Century Schools of Distinction award.


We take pride in our many programs and spaces that we built together with our parents and community partners. Our state of the art library and Learning Technology Center (LTC) where students are able learn, explore, and thrive. Our teachers utilize technology in their classrooms to enhance their instruction. Our science program is engaging and supported by parent volunteers. Students are exploring science through hands-on experiments including STEM opportunities or in our fully-equipped science lab.


Here at Cornerstone we work together with teachers, staff, and parents and community in the best interest of the whole child to prepare our students for wherever their path takes them. Students will experience success, build self-esteem, develop resilience and make great academic gains by taking ownership and responsibility for learning and building authentic and lasting relationships.


Cornerstone students will have a secure, nurturing, positive and proactive team of support that includes staff and meaningful parent involvement. We’ll share a passion for life-long learning and possess an “I can” attitude and commitment to doing whatever it takes to succeed.


Please come visit us at Cornerstone and become part of our Cougar Family. We are so excited to welcome you.

Elisa Morreale,

Cornerstone Principal

Mission Statement
Cornerstone is a public elementary school that provides the unique opportunity for parents and staff to work together in partnership, offers an exceptional academic, cultural, and experiential environment for all students, and where:
  • teachers utilize the support of parents to deliver and enhance curriculum in a variety of creative ways
  • trained parents assist the teachers in the classroom on a regular basis, and while in that capacity develop a much greater sense of the educational needs of the children
  • students are provided the highest level of educational standards by talented teachers and are enriched with unique activities provided by resourceful and hard-working parents in fun, creative ways that encourage a love of learning
  • Everyone commits to these roles as part of a strong sense of extended family and community.
Vision Statement
Cornerstone School is an exemplary, cooperative, community of staff, administration, parents and students. As collaborative partners striving to go beyond standards and address the needs of the whole child, teachers utilize trained parents meaningfully and parents commit to support those teachers effectively. A sense of community abounds on campus with numerous extra-curricular activities driven by resourceful and creative parents, encouraged and supported by administration, and loved by students. This exceptional academic, social and cultural experience contributes to the development of responsible, confident and well-rounded students prepared for the opportunities and challenges of the future.

We commit to the education of the whole child; physical, emotional, intellectual, and social. We believe in helping each child to be challenged with the excitement of discovery. At Cornerstone, every day holds an exciting new experience, and school activities are looked upon as a part of life.

We commit to the stimulation of each child's natural curiosity and the joy of learning. Children are born learners, and given the proper environment and tools, they will continue to learn all their lives.

We commit to the nurturing of each child's positive self-image, personal self-discipline and respect, in an atmosphere of trust. Equally as important as the academics is the confidence and self-esteem that each child develops. Children learn best when they feel good about themselves and when they are taught in a supportive environment.

We commit to the development of each child's critical and creative thinking processes for problem solving, conflict resolution, self-discipline and interpersonal communication.

We commit to education as an extension of the family and will encourage active family participation in our children's learning experience as well as the school. The Administration and Teaching Staff are committed to working with the families in this kind of learning environment.

We are a community that cares about our environment. We embrace green progress by teaching and modeling environmentally responsible behavior.

It is our hope that our children will become whole beings, capable of giving to this world more than they take, sharing who they are, aware of the choices they have to make, capable of making those choices, and will be secure enough to live with their choices while sharing in the creation of the future.