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Ready For More?

  • iReady reading and math- These are great because they are individualized!
  • Raz Kids- online books you can read and answer questions
  • IXL math and language arts- online activities that you can choose by topic- a great place for extra practice on a specific skill
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Circles and Snouts
For some help or inspiration:
For some help or inspiration:
Mystery Science
Mystery Doug has made some lessons available to everyone during this time.
Palos Verdes Libraries
There's a wonderful collection of author's activities, crafts, and virtual field trips.  There's also a section where you can submit your stories or art that you're working on and they'll post them to share.
Puppet Making
There are some make from home puppets to take a look at.
Identifying Our Own Feelings
Strong Feelings
Calming Down Anger
Self-Talk for Calming Down
Managing Worry (This one our class hasn't covered)